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Your Lawyer For Life 

Protect Yourself From Foreclosure

If you are facing the potential foreclosure of your home or were already served with legal papers by your mortgage lender seeking to foreclose your home you may feel completely overwhelmed and alone. The majority of people who are facing the foreclosure of their homes simply don’t know where to begin. Do you contact the mortgage lender? Call their attorneys? Do you immediately try to sell the house to pay off the loan? Thousands of good people throughout New York and New Jersey have found themselves in this position through no fault of their own, whether caused by a loss of their employment or becoming themselves victims of the housing market and mortgage bubbles. You are not alone! The experienced attorneys at Asterita & Associates, LLC, have assisted homeowners in New York and New Jersey to navigate the difficult maze that is the foreclosure process and, in many cases, can help you to keep your home.

Ultimately, a successful foreclosure will cause your home to be sold at auction. While many people who are served foreclosure papers or fall behind on their mortgage payments ignore the notices or legal papers they receive anyone who has been through a foreclosure can tell you that ignoring the situation is a mistake. Late penalties, accrued interest and legal fees that the lender will seek to recover make it difficult if not impossible for a borrower to ever catch up on their own. Very often what begins as a minor financial problem can lead to devastating financial consequences if ignored or not properly handled. Asterita & Associates, LLC, your New York and New Jersey foreclosure lawyers, located in Red Bank, NJ and Staten Island, NY can direct you on the path towards your financial recovery and may even help you to keep your home.

Know your rights! Whether you choose to defend the foreclosure itself or seek alternative methods of resolving a foreclosure such as applying for a loan modification the experienced and compassionate attorneys at Asterita & Associates, LLC, can help you explore your options. Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced attorneys from our firm today by clicking here, by emailing us or by calling our New York office or New Jersey office at 877-589-3177.