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Your Lawyer For Life 

Your Lawyer For Life 

You Have Loan Modification Options

Are you behind in your mortgage payments or realize that you will soon be unable to pay your mortgage payments? Have you heard that there are federal programs or options offered by mortgage lenders to help people in your situation but do not know if you qualify for any of those programs? Do you know how to access them? Are you in foreclosure? Perhaps you have already tried to qualify for a loan modification and have been denied and still need the kind of relief that a loan modification can offer you. You may feel scared, ashamed and alone and not know where to turn. The attorneys at Asterita & Associates, LLC, can assist you and your family with all your mortgage loan modification needs.

Asterita & Associates, LLC, your New York and New Jersey loan modification lawyers, located in Red Bank, NJ and Staten Island, NY may help you persuade your mortgage lender to modify one or more of your loan features including a reduction to your interest rate, an extension of your loan repayment period, forbearance of payments for a time or in some situations a reduction of the principal balance owed. Effective legal representation may allow you and your family to stay in your home.

Many people just like you have found themselves in need of a loan modification due to circumstances beyond their control. The burst of the housing market bubble in the New Jersey and New York marketplaces led to many mortgage borrowers finding themselves underwater and saddled with mortgage loans worth more than the value of their homes. Other homeowners found themselves victims of the recession and a job market that took far too long to recover and many of them were forced to deplete their savings to make ends meet. Traditional refinancing may not have been an option because of dropping home prices combined with damaged credit. We have helped many homeowners like them and we may be able to help you too.

While any person can start a loan modification on their own, we believe that effective legal representation results in a higher rate of success and obtains the most favorable results. The attorneys at Asterita & Associates, LLC, will work hard to get you the best possible terms so you can keep your home.

If you need help with a loan modification you can schedule a consultation with an attorney by sending an email or by calling our office in New York or New Jersey at 877-589-3177.