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Your Lawyer For Life 

Your Lawyer For Life 

Family Law Representation You Can Depend On

When your family faces conflicts related to divorce and parenting, emotions can flare up quickly and interfere with your daily life. A tense situation around the house can make it difficult for you as a parent or spouse to look out for your family’s well-being. A skilled attorney can offer practical guidance during these difficult times.

At Asterita & Associates, LLC, we help families resolve their disputes so that they can move onto the next chapter of their lives. With office locations in New York and New Jersey, we can serve you close to home, where your family’s needs are met.

Experienced Representation To Protect Your Best Interests

We take pride in our ability to guide families through the most sensitive issues, including:

We believe that money, property and children are not weapons to be used against each other but are essential to your future as a family. We will help you do what is right for your children and protect your interests in the things that matter to you so that you can focus on the daily needs of your family during times of conflict. Our attorneys understand how family division can have far-reaching consequences on your business and estate, and we are prepared to address those needs for the future too.

Protect Your Family And Future

No matter the conflict and emotions you are experiencing in divorce or parenting disputes today, understand that a resolution can be found with careful guidance from an experienced attorney. See us at our offices in New York and New Jersey. Dial 877-589-3177 or send an email to schedule an appointment close to home.