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Business Contracts Are Key To Doing Business

Contracts are the mainstay of the business world, and come in many forms. A properly drafted and negotiated contract is the foundation upon which good business is transacted, and in most instances, the services of an experienced business attorney are an invaluable aid in ensuring that a contract protects your rights.

In some ways, it is helpful to look at a contract as a process, rather than simply the end result of contract negotiation. An experienced attorney can help you with all parts of the process, starting with assistance in evaluating the transaction itself to help you to determine whether the transaction is one that is beneficial to you and, if not, if one can be structured to suit your needs.

An attorney’s assistance in the negotiation and drafting of a contract can be critical. A properly drafted contract should be comprehensive and yet still be flexible enough to govern the business relationship of the parties involved for the duration of the agreement, and in some cases even be designed to continue to protect the interests of the parties following expiration of the agreement itself. However, a contract can contain or omit terms that a self represented party or inexperienced attorney may overlook. Such terms or omissions may cause difficulty in the contract’s interpretation and enforcement, or leave a party unprotected from various forms of liability. An experienced attorney can spot such issues and then endeavor to include such protections and terms to maximize the client’s benefits and protections in the transaction.

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Business Contract Law Services In New Jersey And New York

Finally, contract performance is critical. If a party to a contract fails to meet the obligations agreed upon in the contract an attorney can be critical in analyzing the client’s rights contained within the contract and under relevant law and advising the client as to methods available to the client to enforce the contract or in many cases to recover damages for losses sustained by the client by the other party’s breach of the contract. In a breach of contract, equitable remedies may mean specific performance of the contract, while legal remedies could involve payment of financial damages. The advice of an experienced attorney can prove invaluable in such instances and can help the client evaluate the proper course of action to achieve the most cost effective solution while maximizing the client’s recovery.

The team of experienced and skilled attorneys at Bonfiglio & Asterita, LLC, handle a wide range of contract matters, including breach of contract cases, in both New York and in New Jersey, including real estate, business purchases and business sales, corporate disputes, partnership agreements, partnership disputes, sales contracts, commercial debt collection, royalty contracts, licensing contracts, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, shareholder agreements, service agreements, operating agreements, lease agreements and more.

If you feel you have been the victim of a breach of contract, need a contract reviewed, or require assistance in connection with a business transaction, you may schedule a consultation with an attorney from our firm by contacting us via email by clicking here or by calling our New York law office at 877-808-9120.