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Top 4 things to inspect before a real estate purchase

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Real Estate |

Conducting a home inspection in New York before a real estate transaction can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run. You should hire a licensed home inspector before purchasing a home because, as the buyer, you might overlook defects.

Real estate transactions in New York have many complications due to the strict regulations and shifting prices. Ensure you do not waste your time by conducting a proper home inspection. See below for the top four things you need to investigate in a potential new home.

1. Water damage

Visible water damage can be a bad sign. Ensure the home is free of mold or leaks that can cause significant structural damage.

2. Plumbing

Next, you want to make sure the plumbing functions properly. If there is water damage, leaky pipes are the likely culprit. Besides leaks, though, you want to make sure the water pressure is acceptable. Have an inspector check every single faucet in the apartment or house.

3. Heating and air conditioning

New York has harsh winters and hot summers. Heating is a necessity, so make sure the heater works without fail. If there are any issues with the HVAC system, you risk causing a fire or losing temperature control during harsh weather.

4. Appliances

Finally, any appliance that comes with real estate needs an inspection, especially if they are older. Try to negotiate for a replacement if there are any faulty appliances.

After the inspection, speak with a real estate lawyer about your options. They will help you navigate the buying process based on the inspection results.