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Business contracts: a key focus from negotiation to enforcement

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Business |

Thoughtful commercial principals across the New York City metro of course have a deep appreciation for the core role that contracts play in their enterprises.

Contracts are the lifeblood for both startup entrepreneurs and established company owners. An authoritative legal source on contract negotiation, crafting and enforcement duly stresses that they “are the mainstay of the business world.”

Given that centrality, how vital is it for key commercial decision makers to get it right when it comes to their approach toward contracts and steps taken to ensure that business interests are comprehensively protected?

The answer to that is obvious. A company with thoughtful and proactive contractual business strategies essentially lays the foundation for future success. Conversely, a less than exacting focus on all elements relevant to the contractual process opens a proverbial door of risk, missed opportunities, diminished profit and potential liability.

Company principals who routinely work with a proven business law legal team on contractual matters know that an executed-and-done approach to commercial agreements will only partially avail in forging commercial success. A sound contractual strategy will focus on the following and more:

  • Pre-contractual consideration (e.g., careful evaluation) of a potential transaction
  • Negotiation of an agreement, with focus on key matters like profitability, risk avoidance, dispute resolution and more
  • On-point drafting and ultimate contract execution
  • Post-execution enforcement regarding any breach matter or failed expectation

Every business is different, yielding a varied list of contracts that can emerge as relevant for a given company. A full-spectrum business law firm with deep experience representing diverse commercial clients can provide proven acumen concerning any contractual matter.