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Helping You Manage Mechanic’s Liens

Renovating a home or business property is an exciting experience. Work between contractors and subcontractors does make construction more complicated, and mix-ups about contracts and payments can be costly.

Bonfiglio & Asterita, LLC, represents property owners and contractors in New York and New Jersey to resolve disputes related to payment of services and mechanic’s liens. If there is an issue with payment between parties, homeowners and contractors should understand how to resolve it.

What Is A Mechanic’s Lien?

A lien allows a builder to make a legal claim against property owners for cost and labor. This document ensures a subcontractor that they will receive payment for their work. Liens shift the additional cost to the people or organization that owns the property, ensuring that contractors will receive payment for the property and property owners will work to resolve it.

Mechanic’s liens function under the idea that if a property owner double pays the subcontractor, contractors can sue property owners for the overpayment.

We Will Work Proactively To Manage Or Remove Liens

Let us help you manage a lien. We work with property owners and contractors alike. We have knowledge of both sides of the process, which allows us to provide proactive guidance through every step of the process. Send an email or call our office in New York and New Jersey at 877-808-9120 to speak with an attorney who will protect your interests.