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We Are Approved Closing Attorneys

The attorneys at Bonfiglio & Asterita, LLC, are approved by nearly four dozen mortgage lenders and banks to handle closing services in connection with mortgage lending transactions both in New York and New Jersey. The members of the firm’s experienced mortgage loan closing services department offer loan closing and settlement services in both residential and commercial mortgage lending transaction, for mortgage bankers, brokers, direct lenders and closing services alike throughout both New York and New Jersey, and can arrange for such settlement services throughout the United States.

Our firm routinely handles purchases, sales, refinances, consolidations loans (CEMA), reverse mortgages, and notary closings and we regularly counsel our mortgage lending and mortgage broker clientele` to help them navigate title, underwriting, and compliance issues in both New York and New Jersey. We are available to provide closing cost estimates, and CEMA (consolidation loan) requirements in order to facilitate a quick and efficient process. If you need a New York or New Jersey closing attorney or a New York or New Jersey settlement agent for your residential or commercial loan transaction or further information about our mortgage loan closing services, please contact our New York or New Jersey law office today.

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