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Just bought your first home? You may need an estate plan

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Purchasing your first home is a huge accomplishment. The happy memories you create will transform it from a mere residence to a meaningful part of your life, and it’s natural for you to want to preserve your home for future generations.

The first step you should take to start the process of passing your home to your loved ones is to draw up a clear estate plan. Having a plan in place will give you peace of mind and ensure everyone involved benefits from the orderly process. 

Here are a few ways to pass down your property to your kids.

Create a last will and testament

A last will and testament ensures your property is divided among your loved ones per your wishes upon your death. This legal document also allows you to choose an executor who will fulfill the instructions you leave behind. However, it’s crucial that you carefully write your will so that it can be legally binding. 

Set up a living trust

While a will can ensure your beneficiaries inherit your home, they will have to go through the lengthy and expensive probate process. However, placing your home in a living trust can keep it out of probate court. 

A living trust allows you to name a successor trustee who will take control of the trust after your death. The trustee will protect your property and ensure a quick and safe transfer of your home to your loved ones. 

As you can see, after buying your first home, you may need to make an estate plan on how you’ll pass it down. However, regardless of the plan you choose, ensure you file and update all paperwork to reflect your wishes and situation. To get started on your estate plan, seek legal guidance to ensure you or your loved ones don’t bear any legal implications down the road.