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Small business changes: Will the pandemic spur some upsides?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Business |

The adverse effects of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic can hardly be overstated. The health scourge has taken a huge toll on individuals and families across the country and globally, in both myriad and painful ways.

It certainly merits noting from the perspective of a New York business law blog the fallout for legions of commercial enterprises spanning the NYC metro and elsewhere nationally.

The sheer turmoil wrought by virus-linked challenges and imposed limitations wreaked havoc on all manner of small businesses. Sadly, many of them failed. Others marshalled on in compromised condition. Some companies survived and have some hope for the future because of grants and other funding sources that helped keep them afloat.

A recent national article on business survival during the pandemic notably points to an additional factor that has buoyed some small businesses during the storm. Namely, that is American ingenuity under pressure, marked by flexibility and a willingness to try new things.

“If you make it through this,” says one prominent national voice on small business matters, “you ask, you learn, you adapt.”

That is precisely what many company principals have done over the past year-plus. The above-cited article points specifically to a few key things that many business survivors now poised for post-pandemic growth have focused on during trying times. Here are some avenues they have pursued:

  • Tinkering with revised or wholly new business models (some things adjusted during the pandemic that worked might reasonably be applied/continued in the future)
  • Closer and more routine engagement with the local community (altruism can also yield good will and name recognition for a business)
  • Better use of tech tools, online platforms and other computer assists

Challenges always exist for American entrepreneurs and established business principals. Many industry principals find ways to effectively deal with them and even rise to new levels of success because of their proactive response to obstacles.